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Why Study in Australia?

1. Most incredible and lively place to live and study.
2. World-class education recognized all over - Education possible at all levels.
3. Very competitive tuition and fees – almost two-thirds of what US univs. charge – lowest among all the five countries we work with.
4. Flexible with admission, very fast in issuing admission letters and completing the process
5. Excellent employment opportunities world-wide and for Permanent Residency (PR) in Australia

Why Study in New Zealand?

A welcoming destination to all the students round the globe
Most beautiful and safest country in the world
Broad range of study and research opportunities
Rich quality learning experience
New Zealand has comparatively low cost of education and living.

Want to Reach Australia and New Zealand?

Manhattan is there to help you out to Reach your Dream Destination

Manhattan provides FREE SERVICES and information on:

1 . Introduction to Australia & New Zealand Education System.
2 . Providing Universities and Colleges Info.
3 . Selecting Popular programs suitable for you.
4 . Admission & Documents requirements

5 .Information on Cost of Education and living.
6 . Scholarships Information
7 . Information on Permanent Residence (PR)
8 . Visa Guidance & Pre-Departure Orientation.

Manhattan Review offers the following value-added services.
Travel /
Air ticketing

Come, explore the wonderful possibilities and opportunities that await you at Australia and New Zealand.