MBA Shortlisting Services

One size doesn't fit all – That is so true and all the more true when it comes to identifying B schools to apply to. That is why we do not shortlist schools like most of our competitors do. Identifying schools that fit your profile can be a daunting and a tedious task that will require the investment of a considerable amount of your time. If you are a working professional with limited time to do research on B schools, this is a service you will admire. Many students start with rankings of the schools which is where we end our search for schools. A school good in finance may not necessarily be good in Marketing. If your career plans require you to do an MBA in Marketing, then selecting a school that is good in finance is not the wisest thing to do. Analyzing whether you should go for a two year or a one year MBA is as crucial as doing an MBA. We offer advice to students during our personalized counseling program about the right form of MBA – one year, two year or executive program—solely on the basis of what correctly suits your career needs.

At the end of the day getting an offer of admission from multiple schools is what matters the most. Applying to schools where your chances of admission are slim to none would be a mere waste of time and money in terms of application fee and score reporting for GMAT and/or TOEFL. Manhattan Review's short listing service is the right service to invest your money in order to make sure you save on the application fee and the score reporting fee.

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