MBA Premium Editing Services

After crossing the major hurdle of identifying the right schools, the next step in the pursuit of an MBA program is completing the application, which includes writing Essays and preparing a resume.

At Manhattan Review, we DO NOT write essays. However, we assist the student in writing the essay that keeps the persona of the applicant intact with respect to the writing style. While many students think that writing an essay that uses the Shakespearean language is the way to go, the reality is that the content is more important than linguistic finery. We critique your essay with comments and feedback in a manner that makes you come up with the content that fits best the essay in question and that makes you the author and not us. Your essays play a crucial role in securing an admission from any B school. When it comes to the top B schools, your essays have to be stellar and hence your essays make or break the application.

The admissions committees of B schools view the applications holistically. There are many examples of students who have a strong profile with respect to their background, academic, professional and such, but fail to make it to a good school because of their poor essays. An MBA from a top school is an investment for your future and taking a professional's assistance in reviewing your essays is the first step towards deriving the maximum mileage from that investment.

Mock interview is part of the Editing services package although you can register only for a mock Interview. The purpose of doing a mock interview is to set you at ease. No matter how many mock interviews you attend, the actual interview is always going to be a big task with butterflies in your stomach flying all over. Students have chosen to split the one hour long mock interview into two half hour long sessions where one half is used for a mock and the other half for a feedback on the mock. Your choice really. You take the call, you tell us what you need and we will be happy to accommodate.

Applying to a good B school is the first step in taking your career along the S Curve and you have come to the right place as we can assist you in a very effective manner.

Take the first step – talk (helpline number here) to one of our counselors nearest to you. With a network of 18 branches throughout India, we are just a single step away from you landing in the US.

We also offer customized services to suit your need. For more details, talk to one of our counselors – click on the 'talk' link above.

ISB Guaranteed Interview Service

Indian School of Business (ISB) is the most coveted destination for management program aspirants from throughout the world. Getting admitted into one of the world's top programs is a dream for many Indians (and others) throughout the world. Manhattan Review has devised a very special service, offering a 'Guarantee' for interview call from ISB, based on the strength of the essays of the applicant. Once you enter the interview portal, you are almost there, if you do well. We are so confident of our success for you, that we offer a refund of our charges if you do not get an interview call from ISB. That's how good our service is.

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