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Manhattan Review is one of the leading test prep companies based in Hyderabad. We started our operations in 2008. Within a short span of two years, our training, in addition to the quality study material we give to our students, has positioned us as the number one test preparation company in South India. Continuing our unparalleled services, we have expanded our branches in four states in India: Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka and as a result we now have 18 branches across the country.

Our Mission

We Inspire. We Empower. We Bring out the best in YOU because YOUR SUCCESS matters.


Our top scores on the GRE range from 305 to 336 ; on the GMAT, from 700 to 780; on TOEFL, from 100 to 116 , and on IELTS, from 6.5 bands to 8.5 bands. Many of our students have been placed in colleges across the globe for their higher education in schools such as Harvard, Stanford, Kellogg, Wharton, London School of business, ISB (Hyderabad), and University of Texas, Arlington for various graduate programs such as MS (Master in Science), MBA (Master of Business Administration), and MIM (Master of Information Management).

Curriculum Design

We have developed a unique curriculum which not only contributes to the development of thinking skills and the acquisition of relevant knowledge that test takers need but also includes concepts for every topic from basics to advanced, approaches to solve questions under the time constraint, and focusing on areas of improvement. Moreover, the curriculum can also be used at individual or group level to improve the scoring.

Study Material

We have over the years developed study material and strategies that help most students crack the tests with top scores which will aid them in obtaining an admission into the top schools abroad. The study material that is given to students is of a great repute and our GRE book is published by Pearson, a world-renowned publishing company based in Gurgaon. Our study material is sought after by the student community aspiring to study abroad primarily because it is up to date and has the latest material which helps students perform well on these exams.

Certified Trainers

We have more than 100 certified trainers, who have got hands-on experience during our train- the-trainer program, which we have developed based on the concept called Micro- Teaching. This training will certainly provide an opportunity to hone the teaching skills of the trainers.

Admission Counsel Services

We are a one stop solution to students as we not only train them but we also help them secure an admission into the schools in the US. In addition, we also guide them on how to prepare and plan for their life and future in the US. We have assisted a great number of meritorious students to not only secure an admission in the top colleges but also in getting a scholarship which eases the burden on the students and their parents. Our expert admissions team guides the students meticulously on identifying the schools that fit the profile of the student and also in identifying schools that are abundant in scholarships. The icing on the cake is the guidance that is given to our students on visa interviews which is the reason why 100% of our students have been successful in obtaining a visa to the US for study purposes.

Live Video Classes

We offer live video classes. These are not recorded lectures, rather these are live and interactive. We use the latest state of the art technology in delivering the training to our students. Our videoconferencing involves higher quality cameras, larger lenses and faster compression for sending the video signal, allowing a two-way interaction. It is a concept often found in the teaching and learning boardroom classes. Students who enroll for the videoconference classes have given us a feedback that these classes are no different from the face to face class and that it saves time for the student as it avoids any unnecessary travel to a training centre as we conduct classes in your college campus itself. This helps the student in focusing on learning rather than on the mundane work of traveling from one place to another for getting the training.

Manhattan Testimonials

Some of the top business schools our students are placed in….

Harvard University Harvard University
Stanford University Stanford University
University of Pennsylvania University of Pennsylvania
University of Michigan University of Michigan
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi
 University of Oxford University of Oxford
New York University (NYU) New York University (NYU)
Copenhagen Business School Copenhagen Business School
The University of Hong Kong The University of Hong Kong
National University of Singapore (NUS) National University of Singapore (NUS)
University of California, Berkeley (UCB) University of California, Berkeley (UCB)
HEC Paris School of Management HEC Paris School of Management
University of Cambridge University of Cambridge
The University of Melbourne The University of Melbourne
Northwestern University Northwestern University
University of Chicago University of Chicago
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