1. What SAT test is all about?

SAT examination is under the administration of the College Board that conducts the test, globally. The prime purpose of this SAT exam is to help the student's gain admission into college on completion of high school. Moreover, it is the single most important examination in the career of a high school student.

2. Who are the creators of SAT examination?

Education Testing Services (ETS) are the creators of the SAT test. The College Board pays the ETS to brand this SAT exam.

3. Why was SAT changed in 2016?

To focus better on the SAT testing skills, including knowledge of the student's the SAT test was changed.

4. What are the changes made in SAT?

1. Format of the exam.
2. Scoring scale.
3. Question type • In the new SAT (with a combine score: 200 - 800) Reading and Writing section is there, which is evidence based.
• Math section (score: 200 – 800).
• Essay optional (separate score: 2 - 8 points).
• A total SAT score of 1400 plus is acceptable for admissions.
P.S. The essay score will not have any effect on the total score in SAT examination.

5. How is the vocabulary tested in new SAT?

A student is to identify the meaning of the commonly used words.

6. What about the topics tested in Math?

• Algebra
• Data Analysis and Problem Solving
• Advanced Math
• Additional topics, include calculation of area and volume, investigation of lines, angles and triangles, including circles with the aid of theorems and questions on trigonometry.

7. How long is the SAT exam?

It is three hours and fifty minutes. (However, three hours for those who do not take the essay part).

8. How many times the SAT test can be taken?

As many time as you want. However, it is advisable to take the SAT test three times.

9. How to register for the SAT exam?

At the College Board website:

10. How much time it takes to get the SAT score?

Within 4 – 6 weeks. Or you can also search for it after two weeks on the College Board website:

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