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Manhattan Review Books

Qualified and Experienced Trainers

Our trainers with hands-on experience and expertise will enable you succeed in your endeavor

Manhattan Review Books

Comprehensive Material

We provide comprehensive Test Prep material which consists of practical approaches, clear-cut concepts, and a large number of exercises with detailed explanations

Manhattan Review Curriculum

Learner-centered Curriculum

Our curriculum equips the test-takers with the required skills and enables them to get through standardized tests prep

Manhattan Review Topscores

Top Scores

Our top scores on the GRE range from 320 - 338.

manhattan review admission consulting services

Admission Services

Our students have been placed in top colleges across the globe for their higher education in schools such as Harvard, Stanford, London School of Economics, and MIT.

Manhattan Review Score improvement Guarantee

Online Tools

We provide Exhaustive Video Tutorials, Timed Practice Drills, Adaptive Mock Tests, and Comprehensive Feedback Reports.


Certified and experienced trainers who impact the most comprehensive and well-structured training program in which you solve more than 550 questions, ranging from moderate to difficult, during the training. This equips you with skills and strategies required to ace the GRE.
We also train you on techniques required to master the vocabulary, which will be helpful in answering few question types in the verbal section.


Crack the GRE with our Study Guides: Verbal Reasoning Guide and Quantitative Reasoning Guide. Each Study Guide gives in-depth analysis of all the concepts that are test on the GRE.
The practical manual that will help you master the GRE vocabulary in only 30 minutes a day!!


Comprehensive online tools that can help you ACE THE GRE.


If you want to revise a concept that challenges you or if you miss a class, we will ensure all your worries are at bay because we provide unlimited access* to video sessions.


The online practice drills which are timed give you access to 1000 questions to further sharpen your skills. These drills do not give you the actual score, but they certainly help you learn how to perform under timed conditions. It is always a good idea to solve the practice drills before taking the mock tests.


The perfectly adaptive mock tests that incorporate the recent changes in the exam pattern cannot be anymore closer to the real GRE. The question pool used is absolutely original and none of the questions are duplicated. This is not all! Each mock comes with complete explanations of the questions used in the test and accurate score assessment in the range of 130 -170, for each of the two main section (Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning).