Which training program must I take in IELTS?

There are IELTS two training programs: academic and general. Academic module suits student's going for higher education. General module is for immigration.

Is American English included in IELTS program?

IELTS test is a major English language examination that covers native English usages, including American, British and Australian.

How many times the recording will be heard before the listening test?

Each recording will be made available to hear just once only.

Will there be time to check the answers a t the end of each section?


What are the accents that a IELTS test-taker will get to hear in the recordings?

It is a wide variety of accents (American, British, Australian and more).

In reading section answers with word limit will make lose marks.

Yes. An answer with more than three words limit will be marked as wrong.

What about marks for spelling and grammar mistakes?

Yes. You will lose marks for bad spelling and grammar mistakes.

How much time to spend reading each text?

Spend less time as possible so as to answer the questions correctly.

Can I make notes on my answer sheet?

Yes, you can.

I can use pen or pencil.

You can use either of them. You can erase or cross the wrong word. Make sure what you write is legible.

Must I write in upper or lower case?

You will get automatic penalization for usage of upper case in all the answers. Punctuation is another area you will be penalized.

If enough words are not written, will they be a penalty.

Yes. In section 1 write at least 150 words and in section 2 write 250 words.

Do the two tasks contain same number of marks?

No. Task 2 contains two times as much as task 1 for the writing marks.

What documents to be taken to test room?

Only identification documents.

The IELTS speaking test is recorded. Why?

It is necessary in case of re-verification.

In Part 2 do I need to talk for full 2 minutes.

Yes. Then only the examiner can gauge your speaking skills.

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