GRE Test-Pattern

The first section on the GRE is Analytical writing assessment (AWA), which includes two tasks: Issue and Argument. Each task is allotted 30 minutes and the essay in each task receives a score from two readers using a six-point holistic scale, in half-point increment. The final scores on the two essays are added together and a single score for the Analytical measure will be reported on the 0-6 GRE score scale.

After Analytical Writing section, there will be two Verbal Reasoning and two Quantitative Reasoning sections. These sections may appear in any order. In each section, the number of GRE questions will be 20 and the allotted time is 30 minutes for each verbal reasoning section and 35 minutes for each quantitative reasoning section. Some questions in the verbal and quantitative reasoning sections require you to select a single answer choice and others require you to select one or more answer choices. Apart from these sections, there will be an unidentified unscored section that may be given at any point of the GRE test. The unidentified unscored section may be either a verbal reasoning section or a quantitative reasoning section. The number of questions and allotted time for this section will vary. Each verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning score is reported on a 130-170 GRE score scale, in 1-point increment.

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