1. Who takes the GRE test?

All across the world the graduates and B-school applicants take the GRE test.

2. What is the time taken for sending GRE scores to universities?

It can be sent immediately after the Verbal and Quant scores are out. It will be sent to four universities selected while writing the GRE test. The AWA score is added later.

3. Can the GRE test be retaken?

Yes. It can be retaken five times in a calendar year. The GRE test can be written once in three weeks (which is 21 days). This is applicable to your GRE scores that have been canceled on a previous test.

4. Why was the word "revised" removed from the GRE General Test?

There are no reporting of GRE scores from the previous GRE test. Therefore, revised is not used.

5. If test prep from the previous GRE General Test is there, can it be used to prepare for the GRE test?

Test material from the revised GRE General Test can be used for the GRE TEST.

6. Which are the B-schools that accept GRE scores?

B-schools all over the world accept GRE scores for MBA programs.

7. Are there scores preference in B-schools for GRE and GMAT test?

Both, GRE and GMAT scores are equally acceptable by B-schools.

8. What are the sources of information on the GRE test?

On the website: sign up and get free alerts, reminders on registrations, GRE test-prep and more.

9. What about GRE information on social media?

In Facebook, visit the Official GRE General Test Page. Share views and advice with other GRE test-takers.

10. How to register for the GRE computer test?

Registration can be done online.

11. GRE subject tests are acceptable by whom?

Several thousand graduate schools accept them. This includes independent departments in the school itself.

12. Is it a good idea to take a GRE subject test?

It gives you an advantage over other applicants.

13. How much is the price for GRE subject test?

It is US $150, across the world.

14. Which are the subjects that are offered?

1. Biochemistry
2. Biology
3. Chemistry
4. Literature in English
5. Mathematics
6. Physics
7. Psychology

15. How to start preparation for GRE subject test?

A free practice GRE book is available from the website:
All you need is to download it and use it judiciously.

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