Why Manhattan GMAT

The success of Manhattan Review in GMAT training has consolidated its position as a leading GMAT test prep company of choice for most of the GMAT test takers in India and countries across the world. Since its inception in 2008, Manhattan Review has trained thousands of GMAT students and ensured that these students get top score on their GMAT tests. Our top scores on GMAT range from 700 to 780. Many of your GMAT students have been placed in top Business schools such as ………. To name a few.

Our unique 4 step training curriculum has helped many students to ace the GMAT. Experience the World GMAT class training with Manhattan Review.

GMAT 4-step Training Curricula

Revise the basic concepts:

Customized video recordings add pep to your GMAT test-preparations. They completely change your perception and blow your mind away. You get free access to it making it more effective and efficient. GMAT provides a winning edge as basic concepts are covered. Manhattan Review, India throws an open challenge to the students to focus on secret techniques and strategies offered in the videos of GMAT. It is the most comprehensible GMAT training package. GMAT provides a fresh chance for the weak students to set their record straight. Anything or everything you could possibly need is put in one neatly archived USB.

Learn the strategies:

Our biggest strength is our well experienced and highly qualified GMAT trainers. Even bottom placed students stand a great chance in cracking 700+ in GMAT. They instill a strong belief in you through the structured GMAT strategies taught in the class room. GMAT includes Power Point based training (PPTs). The tailored handouts are special as they provide the right guidance, which is akin to parameters in GMAT test. At Manhattan Review, our 48 hour training is split into two 24-hour schedules: for math and verbal 24 hours. This includes IR and AWA. We look at one test at a time and focus mainly on the results.

Recharge GMAT:

GMAT offers a more effective channel, which gives access to additional 24 hours of GMAT training through recorded sessions that gives a bold promise to the students to score beyond 700+ in GMAT test. Our robust plan of action guides them to leap over the 90 per centile mark. It stimulates a vision for bigger results that places the student on the path of success. Time management is given prime focus to establish total control to answer correctly the questions within stipulated time.

* Eligibility 600+ marks in GMAT mock test


Manhattan Review, study material includes, GMAC – The Official Guide for GMAT, 2016. It compromises of 25 per cent new content, over 900 GMAT questions from past exams with answer explanations that are arranged from low to high difficulty level. This involves percentage of questions answered rightly per question type per point and average time taken per question. You can practice GMAT through online drills, study tips and test-taking strategies. Computer Aptitude Test (CATs) gives you a real feel of GMAT test. Our graphical representations will aid you in

Recharge GMAT to Boost Concentration and Study Skills

Manhattan Review, India presents advanced strategies, which is an important step in all seriousness to recharge your concentration and study skills. The gold standard for GMAT training is adopted to boost the students GMAT test-prep. It is a very good predictor of success, including everything on your to-do list. Our GMAT expert trainers pay utmost attention on difficult questions under timed conditions to get your target GMAT score beyond 700 +. Major ideas and result-oriented equations are reviewed and put into GMAT practice with valuable suggestions. An ideal examination environment is created by pacing the training schedule in a fluid manner. Our accredited GMAT trainers encourage the student to be confident by creating a study space on how to maximize scoring chances. Your progress is paced through covering all aspects of the GMAT exam. This allows them to analyze which weak area needs extra attention. Our unique method helps you to apply these techniques in scoring above ninety percentile in all the subjects of GMAT. We prepare the student to be at the peak of performance on the day of GMAT examination. The recharge GMAT program is a 'look no further' instructions guide. The training consists of extensive practice in core areas of GMAT examination content. This includes coverage of advanced strategies, which uses correct approach and inculcates all the shortcuts. Our world class GMAT trainers don't just glance over your study acumen be it weak or strong but sharpen them to make you eliminate exam fear and enhance data sufficiency. Your biggest challenges are addressed by boosting your thinking ability. They help you to excel in time management by pacing your answering pattern and how to master it.

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