48+ hours of classroom training from our expert trainers

Experienced Trainers with high success rate in getting top scores

A specifically designed study schedule to help plan your study time

Strategy-based training using 700+ difficulty level practice questions

Extra help sessions .

Online Resources

Full length computer adaptive tests

Topic-wise practice drills

Detailed Test Performance Analysis that help you focus on your areas of improvement

Course Materials

Manhattan Review GMAT Sentence Correction Guide

Manhattan Review GMAT Critical Reasoning Guide

Manhattan Review GMAT Reading Comprehension Guide

Manhattan Review GMAT Math Concepts Guide

Manhattan Review GMAT Math Practice Guide

GMAT Official Guide 2018



Our 4-step training curriculum that covers everything from the basics to 750+ level questions. Thus, improving the student's chances to score 700+ in GMAT test. Spend less time in answering the questions.


Our Recharge GMAT program focus is on the most difficult questions to be answered within one-and-a-half minute. The trainers ensure that the most complex questions are a solved in the given time.


Our in-house courseware compiled by Manhattan Review, core team of intellectuals. The 5 specialized books include varying difficulty levels that stimulate the real GMAT exam pattern. One and only unique practice program, CATs and graphical representations focus mainly on student's weaknesses.


Our students have achieved top scores the highest being 780. The other scores of 700+ are in the range between 710 to 770.

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Highest number of top scores

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You judge the tree by the fruit of the tree. The fruit of our tree is the highest number of top scores and if you ask why you should join Manhattan Review, then the only thing we suggest you consider is our number of top scores.

Admissions into Top Schools

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Top scores will give you a chance to apply to top schools. We have helped students get admissions into Wharton, LBS, Harvard, Yale, and ISB from among the top schools in the world.

Ready for a challenge

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We suggest that you take demo classes from everywhere and then attend our demo class. Rather, consider attending a live class than a demo class so you know what is taught, and how effectively it is taught. And you be the judge before making a decision on where to enrol for the course.

Up to Date Course Material

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Most Institutes do not have a proprietary material. Our material is proprietary, copyrighted and most up to date and in line with the latest edition of the OG (Official Guide). Many give their students a xerox copy of the material available in stores or they give only the Official Guide. We give 5 books in addition to the official guide.

Mock Tests

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Most don't offer mock tests. The ones that do have questions from one test repeating in the other test which does not give an accurate measure of your performance.

Material deals with 700+ difficulty level questions

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Only basic material is provided and that material can deilver only an average score which may not be a reflection of your true ability.

Strategies that can be applied to any GMAT question to solve the question

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Most institutes teach strategies that can be applied to ONLY the questions they teach. Those strategies fail on questions in the OG (Offical Guide)

Detailed Test Performance Analysis

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You are on your own when it comes to evaluating your performance on the test. Which means there is no one to guide you on your weak and strong areas.

Trainer Availability - On demand

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Most Institutes have part-time trainers which makes it difficult for you to access them for doubt clarification.


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Our trainers are the best. A combination of exceptional study material and trainers that can help you solve the questions is a lethal combination when it comes to tackling GMAT questions – which explains why we have the highest number of top scores on the GMAT.

Recorded sessions

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We provide unlimited access to recorded sessions which can be accessed as long your account is active. Many Institutes offer recorded session in lieu of the extra help sessions because they cannot provide a trainer to help you clarify your doubts.

Classroom handouts

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Most Institutes do not have a handout that is given in the class. We provide more than 500 quesitons for practice in the class in addition to the material given at the time of registration. Most don’t have that kind of material, hence they restrict the training to the questions they are comfortable solving.


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