GMAT Prep Institutes


1. In how many days you get GMAT scores?

In 20 days and less. It will be sent to the B-schools that you select. Make sure you make the right choice.

2. What is the waiting period in retaking GMAT test?

5 times in a calendar year. It can be retaken 16 days after taking your GMAT test.

3. How is the GMAT test experience?

The test is 4 hours approximately. It has two breaks that are optional. It is conducted in ecological classrooms under strict surveillance.

4. How to reschedule GMAT examination?

Reschedule online. Call the number below for student's in India: +91 120-439-7830, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. IST (Indian Standard Time) Fax: 6038319 1092

5. What is the cost of rescheduling fee?

For more than 7 days, before scheduled test day, it US $50 (every time rescheduling is done). Below 7 days, it an additional US $250. 24 hours before exam date. Not acceptable. Your test history will display that as a no-show. However, it will not appear on your score cards.

6. How much it costs for cancellation?

A refund of US $80, more than 7 days before exam date. 7 days before exam date: no refund.

7. How does a citizen of one country test in another?

A valid passport or a proper identification document. For more information: log onto GMAC website:

8. How many universities accept GMAT score?

More than 2,100 universities in 114 nations where 6,000 programs are offered.

9. How many GMAT test centers across the globe?

600 plus test centers.

10. What is goal of GMAC in changing the GMAT test in 2012?

It was done to make accommodate the views of several B-schools around the world. Moreover, to make it easier and better for the GMAT test-takers.

11. What is a good score in GMAT?

Anything in the region between 710 and 730. This will definitely get enrollment in the top B-schools, including Harvard, Stanford, University of Pennsylvania and the top ten B-schools.

12. How important GMAT test matter in B-school admission?

It is of utmost importance because it shows your performance levels, especially critical reasoning skills and time spacing in pressure situations.

13. How useful is GMAT test over GRE?

In the long run it helps in better job search.

14. Do B-schools prefer GMAT over GRE?

Not at all. Both are scores are equally accepted.

15. How is GMAT vocab testing over GRE?

It is a test of reading comprehension, critical reasoning and sentence correction abilities. So, vocab is not tested much.

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